Augustinian Vocations

Augustine's idea of searching for God finds an echo in many modern hearts and minds. Men and women are aware of a sense of vocation, of being called in a particular way. In the religious life, one way of responding to the call is as a friar in the Augustinian Order.

Augustine prayed: 'Lord, let me know myself, let me know you'.

Prayer in common, a programme of studies in philosophy and theology, a growing involvement in the life of the local church, a commitment to community life: these are some of the ways in which those who start out on the religious life are prepared and their vocations discerned.

Over the last few years the Augustinian Order in England and Scotland commenced a new initiative and opened a Vocation Discernment Community for men, based in London. It is for those men who are aware of God's calling, and are knocking at the door and awaiting the answer. Well our door is open, and inside may await your answer!